The Master Plan, Part Deux

The Master Plan, Part Deux

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The following is the first master plan that’s been in the back of my head since shortly after coining the term Hacksmith in 2013. It is now in the final stages of completion. It wasn’t all that complicated and basically consisted of the following:

  1. Build a profitable and internationally recognized YouTube channel and brand.
  2. Use that money to develop and grow our manufacturing and engineering capabilities to build better projects while inspiring makers around the world.
  3. Use that exposure to establish industry partnerships to further expand our capabilities and resources.
  4. Develop Site 2 – Hacksmith Industries Research Campus, a multi-acre property with room for expansion for over a dozen buildings.

Looking forward we need to clearly define the next steps and where we want Hacksmith Industries to end up in the next 5-10 years.


While one of our leading values for making inventions that aren’t exactly commercially viable was simply “sometimes we do things for shits and giggles” it is important to continue to push the envelope with new technology and resources to continue innovating and testing new ideas – after all, some of the greatest inventors were told “you’re crazy, that won’t work!”. All while continuing to inspire others by sharing our projects on YouTube.


Technology advances society, and while we’re great at entertaining and inspiring others we also need to create real products that allow everyone a better life – to ensure everyone can run, jump, and play. Products that benefit mankind and ensure our survival as a species – not our demise. Starting with EDC products.


Collaboration breeds innovation, so we need to support our community and give people the tools and resources they need to make the future we want to live in. Makerspaces with built-in business incubators paired with local venture capitalists could be the missing piece in supporting and nurturing start-ups. Starting right here in the Creative Capital Of Canada. And if it goes well? Internationally. 

So, in short, Master Plan, Part Deux is:

  • Continue trying “far-out” ideas in the R & D division, to push the envelope over just commercial viability – all while inspiring the next generation of inventors.
  • Create and sell technologies to better mankind, eventually in human augmentation.
  • Start a community Makerspace that doubles as a business incubator.