Store Launch!

Store Launch!

The Master Plan, Part Deux Reading Store Launch! 2 minutes

Hey guys!

Super excited to finally open to the public! We've been developing this for the better part of 2020, and are working around the clock to roll out a ton of cool products throughout 2021, so make sure you check back often or sign up for our newsletter! 

So without further adieu... let me present...

Engineered by Hacksmith is our in-house designed premium apparel and products for everyday wear and use. Using only the best materials, minimal branding, and focusing on the customer experience, we've created quality products people love -- even if they aren't fans of my YouTube channel! I can't tell you how excited I am about this!

Each product that bares the Engineered by Hacksmith logo has been handpicked, designed, tested and evaluated by myself, the Hacksmith. If it's got my name on it, I use it. And it's good stuff. I only like wearing good stuff.

In fact, half the reason I started this apparel brand was so I wouldn't have to buy regular clothes anymore! The ultimate goal is having quality apparel available from head to toe. Like socks! Why is it you can only buy good quality socks one-pair a time from expensive outdoorsy stores? Why are they so expensive? I'm entirely too excited about the socks we're coming out with later this year...

Anyway -- take a look around the web store (I highly recommend the Smith Wallet) and let me know what you think!

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