-Why is this a pre-production model?

For manufacturing quality control, we make first batches of our products to ensure there aren’t any problems with the production processes that compromise the quality of our products. These Mini-Sabers are part of that first quality control batch for gen 2.

-What is the problem/different about it?

Most of the time, the first batches are flawless and go on to be sold in our store. But due to the complexity of this custom-designed Mini-Saber, it was almost impossible to ensure a flawless 1st batch. During our extensive quality review, we found that the flame was a bit shorter on these than we were expecting (about 1 inch or so) due to a small production problem, which was identified and fixed for the full production version of the Mini-Sabers. That is why these are 41% off.

-Does it work?

Apart from the 1 inch shorter flame, they work as we intended! There is nothing else different about these than the production version. Except, of course, these are 41% off!