Never troubleshoot with your Mini-Saber while filled with butane!

My Mini-Saber is having trouble igniting

  • Ensure the lock mechanism is switched off by sliding it to the right
  • If there is no spark when attempting to ignite, email us at: support@hacksmithretail.com
  • If you find there is a spark, but your Mini-Saber is not igniting, start by removing the included colour changer and try igniting. If this works, you can place the colour changer back on while ensuring it is adjusted so the color changer prongs are not close to the spark wire
  • If the issue is still not resolved, the spark wire may have settled higher than it should be. You can try pushing the spark wire down (while your Mini-Saber is switched off and locked) until it is ~3mm (1/8") from the metal nozzle.

If the issue persists, please contact us at: support@thehacksmithretail.com

troubleshooting video guide

What is the maximum flame length?

  • The standard flame size is 6 inches (15 cm) although this may vary due to a number of factors including ambient temperature, altitude and oxygen density in the air, among others. 
  • However, using colour changers will make the flame appear longer as the chemical reaction makes more of the flame visible

The Flame length seems shorter than it should be

  • Check if your Mini-Saber is cold. If you have just received yours and it hasn’t adjusted to room temperature yet, this might be the case. Let it warm up to room temperature and try again. 
  • When filling up the tank with butane, this can cause the tank to cool down temporarily, creating a smaller initial flame length, so ensure you wait a couple of minutes after filling up before you ignite it. 
  • Make sure the flame adjusting dial is turned up to maximum length (turned all the way to the right) for full length. 

If the issue persists please contact us at support@thehacksmithretail.com

Why does my Colour changer look used?

No need to worry if your colour changer looks a bit rusted or used. The chemicals used to coat the colour changer create this effect. You can be assured that yours has been placed on your Mini-Saber in a new condition for a vibrant colour effect.

Making the color changer look perfect!

To make sure the flame gets an even and consistent color, you can use a small flat head screw driver to gently bend the prongs of the color changer up for the best color changing flame position!

Which type of Butane products should I use to fill it up?

  • Requirements for fuelling include any blend of fuel that is mostly butane that comes in a bottle with a plastic 3mm nozzle
  • 100% butane is recommended as we have seen little to no improvement by using other fuels that contain propane, isobutane, etc. 
  • Under no circumstance should you use a blend of fuel that contains mostly or 100% propane as it is extremely dangerous

    We recommend:
    USA: Bernzomatic 5.6 oz cylinder
    Canada: Emzone Ultra Premium Butane

Is it cooking safe (flambé, melting, etc.)?

You can use the Mini-Saber to lightly toast snacks, cook marshmallows, or make fancy cocktails!

However, we do not recommend using the colour changers while using the Mini-Saber to cook with since the chemicals on the colour changers are not food safe.

There is a big orange flame!

This means the Mini-Saber has been overfilled. To fix this, simply use up all extra fuel in an open area until orange flame becomes a smooth, blue flame.