Where is my order?

If you chose DHL as your shipping method, please look for a shipping confirmation email that will include your tracking number. You can track your package through DHL's website

If you selected the base rate shipping option (US and Canada only) then it is highly likely your package has already shipped, but, due to Canada Post's shipping system, you will not get notified that it has been picked up or shipped. If you would like tracking information on future orders please either select "Domestic Tracked" or "DHL" as your shipping option. For this option, please give it a full 30 days before reaching out to customer support about it not being arrived yet

Can you sell me _____ project?

No - and for multiple reasons including safety, copyright laws, and sheer expense to both parties

Where did _____ item go?

Occasionally we will run limited time offers in our "Special Offers" section. This means that they will only be around until we run out of them. To guarantee your item, please purchase it as soon as possible