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Start-up Kit

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About the product:

Our lesson kits are the ideal starter kit for anyone who wants to pick up some tools and build with robotics.  The red toolboxes come packed with everything needed to build multiple projects (listed below) and can be used to make your own stuff move!

NOTE – *USB Power Bank not included* – The kit is powered via USB which works great with our Wood USB Power Bank or any USB power supply/power bank (electronics, computers etc with USB port should not be used)

The included Arduino compatible controller is a board with our Animate Shield included.  The board is even preloaded with code so no computer is required to get stuff going!  The control board provides 3 control knobs, 2 buttons, easy connections and aRGB pixel.   This combination functions as a controller allowing you to record your servo moves and play it back on a loop to animate your builds.

To build on this functionality you can connect the included sound sensor to have your build move and react to sound and music.

What's in the Toolbox

  • Sock IO Animate Tube
    • Sock IO (Arduino UNO R3 compatible) board
    • Animate Shield
    • Adjustable sound sensor
    • USB to DC 5.5x2.1mm Cable
    • USB-C Cable
    • Servo Extension Cables
    • Sensor hook-up cable
  • USB Power bank (optional - you can power via any usb power supply)
  • Servo Sock with 3.8kg/cm positionable servo
  • Red Toolbox
  • Tool Tube
    • MultiBit screwdriver
    • Philips #0 bit
    • Square #1 bit
    • 5/16" wrench
    • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Quickstart Guide, Lesson Cards
  • Hardware (woodscrews, machine screws, nuts and fasteners)
  • Build Parts (required for lessons)
  • Wood Sticks (x5)
  • Wood Base

Materials and Lessons Included


Lesson | Analog Meter

Analog meters are all around us!. They are used to visually represent measurements and data. One o...



Lesson | Inch Worm

Inchworms are so simple in their movement which makes it a fun challenge to build and animate their ...



Lesson | Flinger-Drummer

This build works out to be useful in two ways; flinging stuff and drumming on stuff. The overall co...


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