Q1: What type of fuel should I use?

Answer: Butane is the only fuel we recommend be used with the Mini-Saber. It is critical that you only use butane, as other fuels will damage the Mini-Saber, and could lead to injury.

We recommend the following butane brands:

In Canada:

Emzone Ultra Premium Butane

In the USA:

Bernzomatic 5.6 oz. Butane Cylinder

We encourage you use 6 times refined butane, but we are aware that sometimes it might be hard to find. That is why, if you can't find a bottle of butane that is 6 times refined, one from a well known brand will do. As long as you use the highest quality butane fuel you can find, the Mini-Saber should work without problems.

-A plastic refueling nozzle, 3mm in diameter. Refueling nozzles of different diameter, and metal nozzles will NOT work. Using the wrong nozzle will lead to the problem highlighted in the answer to Q2.

Q2: I have refilled my Mini-Saber, but it won't turn on. What's happening?

Answer: First, make sure it's not locked, and check if when you press the button you can hear gas coming out.


Mini-Saber Lock


If you can't hear any gas coming out, please double check that the butane bottle meets the requirements for refueling highlighted in the answer to Q1. Using the incorrect butane bottle will lead to the gas not entering the fuel cell of the Mini-Saber and escaping into the air.

If you can hear gas coming out of the Mini-Saber, or the butane bottle you are using meets the requirements in Q1 and it still doesn't work, contact us at support@hacksmithretail.com


Q3: Is that an exposed wire on top of the Mini-Saber?

Answer: Yes, and no. There are no batteries in the Mini-Saber, so what you see on top of the Mini-Saber is the ignition wire of the Piezo igniter. It generates a spark using static electricity. The electric discharge from that spark equals that of a shock you get from the static electricity generated by clothing fabrics rubbing together. It is completely safe and harmless. 


Q4: Does the Mini-Saber come with fuel?

Answer: No. National and international shipping laws prohibit the shipping of fuels and other flammable/explosive materials through couriers and the mail.