The auction begins at Midnight, May 4th and runs through Midnight May 11th.

Auction is subject to RAD terms and conditions:

The winner for the auction for the ticket to claim NFT will need to complete the following before taking possession of the Physical Lightsaber and official NFT: 

  1. Create a account and connect the wallet that had the winning bid to that account
  2. Sign and send the Liability Waiver to (View Waiver here)
  3. Complete a form for verification and information for shipping the physical lightsaber.
  4. Pay all applicable sales tax, shipping, and insurance. Buyer is also responsible for any and all applicable customs and duties. 

Upon completion, the winning wallet will receive the official NFT and the physical lightsaber will ship insured worldwide within 7 days upon Hacksmith’s receipt of full payment, and signed release form. In person pickup and demo is available upon request.

All sales are final.