2022 Christmas Shopping Guide

2022 Christmas Shopping Guide

Our Christmas Gift recommendations for your loved ones this Holiday Season.
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Simplify your Christmas Shopping

Whether it is for Hacksmith fans or gadget lovers, or big fans of quality products, we have gifts for everyone. So let's get started!

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In case you are in a rush, here's a summary of the list:



All the knowledge you will ever need... Literally!


I know that these days, everyone wants a Mini-Saber for Christmas. But in order to get the most out of it, and make your projects and ideas real, you will first need the knowledge of this little book.

864 pages of pure, back-to-basics, engineering, and everyday good-to-know knowledge. With chapters ranging from AIR and GASES, AUTOMOTIVE, CARPENTRY and CONSTRUCTION; to CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS, and even FIRST AID, you will find the answer to almost anything with this Pocket Reference Book!

Some say it will even get you through engineering school...

The right tool for the job, every time.

The ultimate Screwdrivers

Six bits, one tool, ZERO hassle. Avalaible in the CLASSIC format for everyday jobs, and the MINI format for jobs that require precision. Avalaible in multiple bit combinations for both Canadian and International markets, this is a gift that every handyman will appreciate!

The best part? They are localy made and hand assembled in Canada!🍁

A Christmas Classic, but better.


Underwear for Christmas? Why not! There is a reason why it is a staple Christmas tradition! The usual go-to brands are either the classic, basic brands, or an overpriced new brand that overpromises, and underdelivers with mediocre features. But if you don't know what to give the boys for Christmas this year, our underwear might just be the right choice!

Available in Boxers, or Boxer Briefs, there is just nothing like it. When you wear it, it feels like nothing, but holds everything together. Made with Bamboo Rayon, a fabric that is exceptionally soft, and comparable in touch to silk or cashmere, these undies are so luxurious that you will want to wear them all day, every day.

Plus, they come in a 3-pack, in a gift box, and they are 35% OFF! So they are great gift that won't break the bank!

Stocking Stuffer Time!

Stocking stuffers can be tricky to pick. They should be thoughtful, useful, and small enough to fit in the good ol' stocking. Here are some fun and useful little products to stuff those novelty, holiday-themed socks.

With you, everywhere you go.


The biggest Mini-Tape Measure we make! 2 feet (61cm) of unadulterated measuring power that they can attach to their keychain to measure on-the-go.

Stick it anywhere!


This ironable patch is a great addition to our lab coats, a backpack, leather jacket, just about anything!

Its the perfect stocking stuffer for Hacksmith fans, just like our next item...

An in-store exclusive!

10 million subscriber commemorative glass play button

Made to commemorate our Youtube Channel reaching 10 million subcribers, this glass play button is perfect for Hacksmith Superfans, and only available if you come visit us at our Headquarters Flagship Store & Museum.

We are open every Thursday from 2-6PM (excluding holdays) for in-store shopping. As a bonus, when you shop in-store, you can also check out projects like our lightsabers, iron spider, world's brightest flashlight in our museum!

For those cold winter days


Made with Australian Merino wool, this heavy duty Toque (also known as a beanie) self regulates your body temperature while wicking moisture away, and keeping you and your loved ones comfortable during the winter season.

The addition of Nylon and Acrylic helps ensure long lasting performance. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves the outdoors!

Simplify their life


Our very first product, and one of our best sellers! With a 10 card capacity (6 in the quick-access cardholder, and 4 in the outside pocket,) this wallet is guaranteed to make the reciever's life easier!

And you are probably wondering: But what about cash? Does it hold cash?

Yes indeed! It comes with a cash strap that might not look like much, but can hold one THICK stack of cash, reciepts, and much more! If you are afraid that stuff might fall off the cash strap, let me tell you this: I personally use it to hold my security access card to the Hacksmith Headquarters. That's how much I trust it!

hot chocolate, anyone?


Our mug of choice here at Hacksmith Industries! Take it camping, take it hiking, partying... or just to work. Wherever you take it, this kitchen grade stainless steel mug will keep your drinks hot or cold for longer.

It comes with its own gift box as well, so you can just add a Tiffany bow, and you are off to the races!

And now

The coolest gift


An unsuspecting tool


I know I did a bit of foreshadowing earlier, and you probably saw it in the summary of this guide, but c'mon! Of course its the Mini-Saber! It is the perfect gift for every science fiction fanatic. The closest thing we have (so far) to one of our proto-sabers that you can buy.

With a 5"-7" flame, this powerful jet lighter is actually useful for many heat-requiring applications! We have used it for anything from soldering, to cutting, sewing (a bit of a spoiler for an upcoming project,) and lighting our annual company bonfire!

A trully versatile tool that you will never know you needed, until you actually use it. Although it is also fun to just play around with.

That's not all folks!

Those are our top picks for Christmas gifts this season, but not all of them. Check our Apparel, Accessories, and other Collections for more gift ideas for Hacksmith Fans!

We have dozens of great products, made real for you to discover!

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As always, thank you very much for reading, and I hope you have a great Holiday season, and a happy new year!

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